"When John mixed  "Merge With You" for my upcoming album his mixing technique and style was superb. Everything sounded so crisp and clean. Real top quality work, I will go to him for all of my recording and mixing needs."                             -William Carnegie

"I sent my song "Anything" to John Brown to be mixed. The mix was fantastic! The sound quality was crisp, clear, and ready for air play. I definitely recommend John to anyone that wants good "quality" sounding music and I am very appreciative of the work that has been done."                       -Yun Dave

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William Carnegie
Yun Dave
"Affordable professionalism, character, passion, dedication to excellence are focused into one main objective. Enhancing your music to the sonic purity and competitive edge it needs and deserves. Here is a "TRUE" audio engineering expert who has been blessed with the gift of being able to become one with your music.  If you're serious about hearing your music at it's absolute finest stop reading this and get it mixed and mastered by one of the best to ever do it."                                                       - P.O.E.T.
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"I have been working with DJ Prosperity for about 2 years now and the clarity of his mixdowns are always on point. He has a quick turn around which helps to keep my projects moving forward. His enthusiasm and musical background is reflected in his work. I look forward to working with DJ Prosperity throughout my career."                  
                                         - Mirakulus